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Pharo SQLite I18N Enhancements

02 Mar 2019

I've enhanced the Pharo SQLite library to be even more multilingual. It has always supported data elements that are Pharo WideString instances, these being converted to/from UTF8 transparently by the library. Now the library also handles multilingual table names, column names and default column values; in other words, multilingual SQL statements.

To install in Pharo 7, load GlorpSQLite from the Catalog Browser.


| db |
db := UDBCSQLite3Connection openOn: '/tmp/ml.db'.
[	"Chinese table name, column names, and default column value."	
	db basicExecute:  'create table 表一 (键一 integer primary key, 列二 text default ''中文'');'.
	"Insert a row, taking default column value for the 2nd column."
	db basicExecute: 'insert into 表一 (键一) values (NULL)'.
	"Insert another row, specifying a value in Chinese for the 2nd column."
	db execute: 'insert into 表一 values (NULL, ?)' 
		with: (Array with: '值二').
	(db execute: 'select * from 表一') rows inspect.
] ensure: [ db close ]

Inspector shows that it isn't quite I18N, although Transcript is:

Pharo SQLite I18N

From the SQLite shell:

% sqlite3 /tmp/ml.db 
SQLite version 3.27.2 2019-02-25 16:06:06
Enter ".help" for usage hints.
sqlite> .header on
sqlite> .schema 
CREATE TABLE 表一 (键一 integer primary key, 列二 text default '中文');
sqlite> select * from 表一;

Testing and feedback welcome, especially on which other parts of the library needing internationalization.

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