Pharo Smalltalk on Ubuntu 14.04 64bit

20 Apr 2014

I run Debian 6 64bit on one of my servers. To run the 32bit Pharo/Cog VM, 32bit libraries are needed and are installed thusly:

# apt-get install ia32-libs

Trying out the newly released Ubuntu 14.04, I learn that ia32-libs is considered a hack and was deprecated in 2013 versions of Ubuntu. I guess the idea is to encourage people to know what they require more precisely.

To get the current to work on Ubuntu 14.04 64bit, install the following packages:

# apt-get lib32gcc1 
# apt-get libssl0.9.8:i386

On libssl, that is, OpenSSL, Ubuntu also ships 1.0.1f-1ubuntu2, which patches the Heartbleed bug, so you may install that instead.

Tags: CogVM, deployment, Linux


17 Mar 2013

Recently I bought an Android tablet, the 7" Yuandao N70HD. The tablet runs Jelly Bean, and comes "almost-rooted", meaning root is readily accessible, but not fully enabled. Searching the web reveals the existence of Windows EXEs and DOS batch files that enable full root access on the device. Inspecting one of these batch files shows that it simply copies certain native executables from the Android SDK to the device.

Now, perhaps root is not necessary to run CogDroid. :-) Anyhow, here's a screenshot of the tablet showing CogDroid running the image that powers this website. VNC access into the image works too.

Tags: Android, CogVM, tablet