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More Secure Cookie Auto Login for TF-Login

14 Jan 2020

I've implemented a more secure cookie-based auto-login in TF-Login 'password' branch to replace the existing simple and insecure cookie scheme.

To load, start with fresh Pharo 7 image:

"First load Seaside."
Metacello new 
    baseline: 'Seaside3'; 
    repository: 'github://SeasideSt/Seaside:v3.3.3/repository'; 
"Then load TF-Login."
Metacello new 
    baseline: 'TFLogin'; 
    repository: 'github://PierceNg/TF-Login:password/src'; 

Start Test Runner to run TF-Login's tests. All 78 tests should pass. The class TLTest runs "scripted interactive" tests on the TLTester Seaside application. TLTest's testLoginLogout and testLoginThenAutomaticLogin methods exercise the cookie-based auto-login functionality.

Auto-login is also implemented in the TLTestApp demo Seaside application. Here's a screenshot of the cookie stored in Chromium upon logging into TLTestApp.

TF-Login cookie in Chromium

The original cookie-based auto-login stores username and the SHA1-hashed password in client cookies. This replacement implementation is based on Paragon Initiative's blog post on "remember me" cookies.

Tags: Seaside, security, TF-Login