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[ANN] Phoedown - Markdown to HTML

1 January 2020

I've published Phoedown, an FFI to hoedown, the standards compliant, fast, secure Markdown processing library written in C. This blog is powered by Phoedown.

A simple example:

| md |
md := (FileSystem memory / 'somefile.md')
    writeStreamDo: [ :ws |
        ws nextPutAll: 
Transcript show: ''Happy New Year!''; cr
' ];
HdHtmlRenderer new
    setMarkdownExtension: HdMarkdownExtensions FencedCode;
    setMarkdownExtension: HdMarkdownExtensions NoIntraEmphasis;
    render: md

This is the output:

<pre><code class="language-smalltalk">Transcript show: &#39;Happy New Year!&#39;; cr

The output in HTML:

Transcript show: 'Happy New Year!'; cr
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