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Pattern Language for Relational Databases and Smalltalk

13 April 2014

As I develop NBSQLite3 (tag, repository), I've been surfing the web for material on using Smalltalk with SQL databases effectively. This article, A Pattern Language for Relational Databases and Smalltalk by Kyle Brown and Bruce Whitenack, looks like it is from the late 90s but remains an interesting read.

The Seaside book is a bit light on persistency as is. The Hasso-Platter-Institut Seaside tutorial does present an abstract database wrapper class with these words:

In order to decouple your application from the chosen database system, it is a wise decision to encapsulate the required functionality within a separate database wrapper class. This class provides an interface for the required persistence functionality of the application but leaves the concrete implementation of those functions to its subclasses.

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