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Parsing RSS with Pharo Smalltalk

06 Apr 2014

Soup is a port of the Python Beautiful Soup HTML parser.

Load it:

Gofer new 
    smalltalkhubUser: 'PharoExtras' project: 'Soup';
    package: 'ConfigurationOfSoup';
(ConfigurationOfSoup project version: #stable) load.

Soup can be used to parse RSS.

| s |
s := Soup fromString: (ZnEasy get: 'http://samadhiweb.com/blog/rss.xml') contents.
((s findTag: 'channel') findAllChildTags: 'item') do: [ :ele |
    Transcript show: (ele findTag: 'title') text; cr ].
Transcript flush.

The above code produces the following output:

Tested on Pharo versions 2.0 and 3.0 beta.

Tags: parsing, RSS