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fpwebview embedded in Lazarus GUI

22 Nov 2022

Lazarus is an IDE-cum-widget set interface for developing cross platform GUI applications. I've now implemented a demo of using fpwebview with Lazarus, i.e., embedding webview in a desktop Lazarus GUI application.

Here's a macOS screenshot:

fpwebview embedded in Lazarus Cocoa app demo

In the screenshot, the three buttons above the web content are outside of the webview display area, and are Lazarus components making up the GUI application. The 'Say Yo To Webview' button demonstrates updating content shown by webview in response to GUI action, while the 'Lazarus Say Hello' button demonstrates standard GUI functionality.

Technically, this application demonstrates concurrent execution of the Lazarus GUI event loop managing the application's windows, and webview's own event loop that manages the Lazarus window in which webview is embedded.

The demo works on macOS (using Lazarus Cocoa widget set) and Windows (using Lazarus Windows widget set).

For Linux:

  • with Lazarus GTK2: Impossible, as GTK2 and GTK3 (which webview on Linux uses) cannot coexist in one application (that executes as one operating system process).

  • with Lazarus GTK3: Should be trivial. Note that at present Lazarus GTK3 is work-in-progress and not mature.

  • with Lazarus Qt5/Qt6: Possible, potentially tricky. The basic requirement is to convert a Qt window handle into a GTK3 window suitable for use with webview.

Tags: fpwebview, Pascal