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Glorp with PostgresV2 on Pharo 4

03 Apr 2015

Using the Pharo v40592 image with which I had verified NBSQLite3 for Glorp, in this blog post I go through doing the same with the PostgresV2 pure-Smalltalk database driver.

Outside of Smalltalk, create the database 'sodbxtest', user 'sodbxtest' with password 'sodbxtest':

# su postgres -c psql
postgres=# create role sodbxtest with password 'sodbxtest' login;
postgres=# create database sodbxtest;
postgres=# \q

In Smalltalk, firstly, install PostgresV2:

Gofer it
    smalltalkhubUser: 'PharoExtras' 
    project: 'PostgresV2';
    package: 'ConfigurationOfPostgresV2';
((Smalltalk at: #ConfigurationOfPostgresV2) project version: '2.4') load.

Open Test Runner and runs the PostgresV2 tests. On my Linux Mint machine, using a vanilla PostgreSQL 9.3 installation, 23 of 24 tests passed, and TestPGConnection>>#testNotify2 erred.

Now that we know the PostgresV2 driver can talk to our database, using the Monticello browser, open the PostgresV2 repository and load the package GlorpDriverPostgreSQL. Here I had to edit NativePostgresDriver>>connectionArgsFromCurrentLogin: to comment out the second last line:

connectionArgs clientEncoding: aLogin encodingStrategy asSymbol

This is because GlorpDatabaseLoginResource class>defaultPostgreSQLLocalLogin does not specify encodingStrategy, meaning it is nil and will respond to #asSymbol with DNU.

Next, in a playground, execute the following:

GlorpDemoTablePopulatorResource invalidateSetup.
    defaultLogin: GlorpDatabaseLoginResource defaultPostgreSQLLocalLogin

Open Test Runner and run the Glorp tests.

Tested on Linux Mint 17.

Tags: Glorp, OODB, PostgreSQL