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Seven Databases for Pharo and Squeak

07 Dec 2013

I'm reading the book Seven Databases in Seven Weeks by Eric Redmond and Jim Wilson. The databases covered are PostgreSQL, Riak, HBase, MongoDB, CouchDB, Neo4J and Redis.

There are several Pharo/Squeak libraries for PostgreSQL:


HBase runs on JVM. It supports a RESTful HTTP API, Thrift, and a Java API. The first is probably the easiest way to write a Smalltalk interface.


  • Estaban Lorenzano's Voyage is an object persistence layer that works with MongoDB.
  • MongoTalk, by Kent Beck and others.


Neo4J is a graph database. It is provides a RESTful API. I've not played with Neo4J, but I'd imagine the Smalltalk environment, and by extension any Smalltalk object persistence mechanism, make up a graph database. Probably speaking from ignorance here, but I'm not sure what interest a Smalltalk programmer will have in a graph database written in Java. :-)

Finally, there is Redis Client by Mike Hale and others.

I haven't finished the book, but so far I haven't seen any discussion on authentication or security of these HTTP-speaking NoSQL databases. If the database is lacking authentication or SSL, and if your threat model covers that, probably the easiest is to put these behind a proxy. And, for database and other such connectivity from the Smalltalk client, I suggest SpsSplitPasswordStore.

Tags: NoSQL, OODB, PostgreSQL